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If you don’t know why but you are not enjoying an aspect of your life, or feeling stuck, or overwhelmed, possibly needing something different or more—don’t worry. Wanting to change is enough, and coaching will help get you there. Are you ready to get real, feel calm, content and completely unstoppable?

Good! You’ve found the right place.

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Coaching is a conversation with purpose, structure, and no bullsh*t. Bullsh*t being anything other than YOU and the information that will support YOU in getting the clarity YOU need.

I am not a consultant or mentor and in no way here to tell you how your life should be, and I don’t diagnose or offer quick fixes. I’m here to take you on a deep and personal journey into your own life.

The insights and value gained through doing this work are what matters, this is what will cause shifts to occur in your life that's sustainable. Meaning, the thinking that created your current reality will be challenged, reviewed, and renewed!

This work is what matters and when it's done, it is something NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY FROM YOU. You own it for life. It follows you through each and every challenge life can throw at you and you wear it like a superpower.

ARE YOU READY to find your superpower?

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  • Give more of a sh*t about things that matter to you, and less of a sh*t about things that don’t?

  • Feel more confident and doubt yourself a whole lot less?

  • Stop worrying so much about what other people think about you?

  • Explore your thoughts, beliefs, and fears, so that you learn to trust and believe in yourself?

  • Get underneath the excuses and dig into the real stuff that’s holding you back?

  • Feel more certain, more settled and more content than ever before?

  • Gain clarity about what you actually want from your life and your time on this planet?

  • Feel calmer, more grounded, and focused (without having to meditate for four hours each morning while listening to whale song in the background)?

  • Work with an experienced coach who is honest and says it as it is with kindness and a dash of kick-up-the-ass?

Individual Coaching

Online or in person

Relationship Coaching

Online or in person

Pre-Marriage Course

Online or in person


When I started my sessions with Carrie I was in a place where I had no clue how to live a more meaningful life, I only knew that I wanted one. I had always known who I was but felt suddenly I really didn’t “get” me, although I really thought I did. I expected answers to be given, solutions presented, a ready-packaged parcel of “Here’s what you need to be doing, now off you go”. Carrie didn’t give me solutions, she asked me questions. She made me think about why I felt the frustrations that I did, to try and understand what I honestly and truly needed. I can't say it was easy. It turns out it was exactly what I needed though. I managed to get clear on where I was in life, without all the filters and through working together I managed to get clear on where I wanted to be, and she was able to guide me or hold me accountable for taking the steps to get there. It wasn’t a direct path from A to B, more of a meander through unravelling why I thought and did the things I did. Then suddenly and without warning, the fog cleared and I could see my way. It was so simple, and yet I had spent so long dismissing what was real for me, in the attempt to become what I assumed I should be, I had lost my way. Carrie helped me find my way back to me. Its been the work iv needed to do and can say I’m still doing the work now on my own thanks to her.


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